Summer Travel & Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment Tips for Summer Travel

Summer travel season is in full swing - from family vacations to solo adventure travel, camping to posh hotels, first class flights to RV trips. However, if you've got acne prone skin, this can mean breakouts as you get out of the habit of practicing your acne treatment routine. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but the stress of travel and the breaking of skin care product habits can mean that not only will it be harder for you to keep your skin from breaking out, it may be harder to get rid of acne altogether. Not to worry though, the experts at Murad have three key tips for making sure that your skin stays clear even when you're off and about traveling.

Keep Your Acne Treatment Routine!

The most important thing is to keep your routine. For example, if you're using Acne Complex from Murad, then you should be using the Acne Complex products twice daily - in the morning and in the evening. Even if you're on vacation, you'll still wake up every morning and go to be every evening, so stay in the routine of properly treating your face. Once your break your skin care routine, it will be harder to get back into it, plus the best skin care is always the most consistent skin care.

Travel-Sized Acne Products are Your Friends!

Just because you purchase your acne treatment products in larger sizes, that doesn't mean that you need to keep them in large sized containers. Transfer your facial wash, acne treatment product and moisturizer into smaller, travel-sized containers. Not only will this mean that you don't need to check baggage if you're flying, but it will also make packing easier and will keep your products organized in a hotel bathroom (or even a truck-stop shower if you're camping).

Back and Body Acne Happen on Vacation Too!

Back and body acne can be an even bigger problem on vacation than they are in every day life, both because of stress and because, often, you're spending a great deal of time sitting in a car. And that's not to mention that you may be camping or trekking and not showering as often. Make sure to use products specifically designed for acne prone skin on your body, such as Murad Acne Body Wash and Clarifying Body Spray. Come back with the same perfect skin you left with.

Extra Advice: Don't Get Too Much Sun

Summer travel usually means time spent in the sun. Remember, the sun ages and damages your skin more than anything else, so be sure to apply the sun block and sunscreen liberally and regularly.

Travel should be fun - and it's always more fun when you're beautiful and your skin is perfect for vacation. Don't let "vacation" be a vacation from your acne treatment program.

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